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Writer's Block: Hello, World!

What is your earliest memory?
I have 3 memories from when I was 3-years-old:
1) folding laundry with my sister and putting it away in our dresser drawers
2) my sister making coffee in the morning before she went to classes
3) going with my sister to pick up her fiance at his apartment and bring him back to our parents' house for supper.
My sister married and left home in December 1967, so I know these happened before that date, but I don't remember in which order.  (Yes, my sister is quite a bit older than I am.)

Hawaii Five-O quotes that make me happy

sheafrotherdon  has a great post here, soliciting her flist's favorite lines and memories.  I'm making this list, so I'll have my own thoughts in a convenient place.

Steve: I am sincerely sorry. That is what I was trying to tell you, last year, when this conversation started.

Malama Ka Aina
Steve: It's good to meet you Gracie; your daddy talks about you all the time.
Grace: He talks about you a lot, too.

Steve: I like pancakes.
Danny: You do?
Steve: Yeah.
Danny: Seem more like a 'napalm in the morning' kind of guy.
Steve: Well, that, too.
Doctor: Anything traumatic recently?
Danny: Yeah, actually, I got a new partner.
Doctor: I was thinking more of a physical injury.
Danny: No, no, this guy is like a physical injury, Doc.

Steve: There was no surfing accident.  He, ah, he, ah, busted his knee getting out of bed.

Steve: When I say, 'Book 'em, Danno,' it's a term of endearment.
Danny: Ok. Do it every day. I like it.

Danny: You miss me, don’t you?
Steve: Oh yeah, I wish you were here.
Ed: You talking to your wife?
Steve: I’m talking to my partner.

Steve: I know you.

Danny: You have got to start doing a better job picking your friends.
Steve: Tell me about it. I chose you, didn't I?


Adam Lambert

I just want to say, "Yum!"

SGA 5:19 & 5:20

I know these episodes haven't officially aired, yet, but I saw them anyway, and I had to write about them.
Spoilers ...Collapse )


I love my new President-elect! From Obama's press conference today (during the Q&A):

"With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it's generated more interest on our Web site than just about anything.

We have two criteria that have to be reconciled. One is that Malia is allergic, so it has to be hypoallergenic. There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic. On the other hand, our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. So whether we're going to be able to balance those two things I think is a pressing issue on the Obama household."

He's such a good sport about the balancing act between choosing Cabinet Secretaries and Pound Puppies.

Ben - Crisco

I've been trolling old Ben Browder interviews, from his Farscape days, and found this fabulous quote about living in Australia: "And I can't find Crisco. You can't make biscuits without Crisco." This immediately put me in mind of  synecdochic 's Broken Wings 'verse Cameron Mitchell, who loves to cook & bake. Check out the series, if you haven't already.

Full interview article posted here.

Fanfic Favorites


Valentina Vardr by [info]callista_mythol  first time twice, Kahree series in another fandom
Conspire by kalimyre; pre-slash, honey
Oreo by [info]stareyed_fics  pre-slash
Smoke Jumper by maribou; pre-slash
Masquerade Series by [info]catlover2x & [info]fred_bear established, alternating fantasy role-play

Ocean's #
Cherchez la Femme by [info]musesfool history
Swing on a Star by [info]luzdeestrellas ??

Most of[info]teachwriteslash  starting with Wants, Needs & Things in Between; Jack/Ianto
A Ring in the Black Sea by [info]basingstoke  Jack/Teyla from Stargate Atlantis; Earth-people do not understand Pegasus-people
by copperbadge short team crossover w/Stargate Atlantis

Stargate SG-1 and/or Atlantis
The Towers on the Heights Reach to Heav'n's Own Blue by [info]minervacat   Cameron Mitchell & John Sheppard email about sports
Steal the Thunder from the Sky by [info]minervacat   Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard go to Final Four (sequel to Towers)
Broken Wings series by [info]synecdochic   Cameron Mitchell/JD Nielson; including and especially A Howling in the Factory Yard; when your old choices are nullified, what new choices do you make?
No Light & Transient Cause by [info]sheafrotherdon   John Sheppard/Rodney McKay; the people of Pegasus get fed up with the Great Nations of Europe mentality of the Atlantis Mission
Maybe It Was Memphis by princessofg Jack O'Niell/Daniel Jackson; 1950's AU
If You Want to Kiss the Sky by siegeofangels  John Sheppard/Rodney McKay; sexual identity reversal AU

FPF: Sam & Dean
Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [info]eloise_bright  
Defect by kikki-max; crossover w/Criminal Minds
Leader of the Pack by astolat; hell-hounds
Shelter Beneath the Mundane by [info]drvsilla
  hell is a donut shop

RPS: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
I'll get back to this list

A Heart Whose Love is Innocent by Coren Lee; Lex goes on vacation and talks to Clark daily

Fanfic Favorites

Beginning to catalog my favorite fanfiction stories from various sources with key words

All that was Missing by [info]kuyashinaki established, Tony or the boat?
Angel of Death by ksl; first time & ff; Tony talks to The Angel
Anonymity by James/aka [info]zortified first time
Between Good and Better by [info]twoweevils  pre-slash, phone call from Florida, Semper Fi 1
    The Trick is not Minding by [info]twoweevils  first time, Semper Fi 2
Box Steps series by ksl; first time & ff, post-ep "Boxed In", Tony has a cabin in VA
Close Enough by Sori; semi-established
Cool Hand Tony by CPWatcher; Tony washes his Mustang
Dating George Clooney by [info]twoweevils  first time, post-ep "Model Behavior"
Dishing it Out by Juli; Gibbs' exes chat
Do-Over by [info]blueraccoon sorta first time
The Ghost and Mr DiNozzo by  [info]eoen  supernatural romance
Hangover Cure by tabitha_llewellyn; semi-established, after a tough case
Ice by [info]twoweevils first time, post-ep "Under Covers"
Involuntary Voyeur by [info]sperrywink established, McGee + Tony/OFC
Kendreague by [info]callista_mythol  first time, angel!Tony, part 1 in Kahree series
    Never Alone by [info]callista_mythol  back-story for angel!Tony, part 2 in Kahree series
    Bethesda by [info]callista_mythol  post-ep "Twilight", angel!Tony, part 3 in Kahree series
Method Acting by [info]malnpudl  undercover
Milepost 164 by [info]twoweevils   non-slash, stuck in cabin in storm
Mistaken Identity by [info]azure_chaos  semi-RPS Mark/Michael head-injury confusion
Moving On by SandiCh; re-establish, post-Hiatus
Partners by meg; DNA-changing virus released
Plumbing 300 by CPWatcher; established, Tony is a Journeyman
Rapids by may2002; father/son, undercover
Reflection by [info]kelly_girl hooker AU
Rictus by Sequitur; Baltimore case
Risky Business series by ksl; first time & ff; Tony injured and hiding past abuse
Say When by [info]cupidsbow  domestic fluff, future
The Second 'B' is for Belonging by Juli; first time, post-ep "Bete Noire", boat trip
Secret Desire by Beverly; pre-meeting to first-time
Sensing Evil by Lady Ra; first time; astounding Evil and astounding Love, lots of movie inspiration and references
Sharp Like Cinnamon by [info]kelly_girl  established, new level of discovery
Speak without Words by [info]blueraccoon ficlet
Three Little Words by [info]blueraccoon   ficlet
Three Ways We Never Met by [info]lordessrenegade AU one-third slash
Three Ways We Never Met (morphine remix) by celli_lane; AU continued
Walk on the Wild Side by [info]dustandroses first-time
Wants and Needs by ksl; break-up and reconciliation, Finnish
We'll Meet Again by [info]tenthmuse  AU WWII London; Ducky remembers
Weapon of Choice by tabitha_llewellyn; PWP, gun-fetish?
Woodworking 101 by CPWatcher; the power of words

so much by
[info]blueraccoon  need to figure out how to list
Anything from
[info]crimsonquills ; there are summaries at the link


Midnight Meetings by [info]imaginary_iby  gen; how they met

Laid Bare by [info]blueraccoon  trust & care; part 5 of Taking Turns series

All in a Day's Work by NotARedhead; Tony post-ep "Chained"
Alternative by [info]serenitymeimei ; Gibbs/Ziva
Angels & Heroes and Legends & Myths by kikki_max; Tony-centric case!fics; intense
Concurrent Jurisdiction by shywr1ter; crossover w/Dark Angel, Logan & Tony are cousins
Conflict of Interest by glacis; Tony/Martin, crossover w/Without a Trace, + sequels
Geometry Series by [info]blueraccoon Tony/OMC slash; several original characters
Iffy Proposition by [info]eoen  Tony/OMC, team undercover in Europe, *WIP*
In Transit by [info]sequitur_fic Tony coming back from Kate's funeral
Lessons Learned by [info]blueraccoon  Tony reflects on a favorite HS teacher
Lifeline by howzat; Tony, gen, learning to trust
Music & Memories and Con Affeto by ksl Tony plays the piano
No Good Deed by DrawMeASheep; Tony/Ziva, Ziva/OMC undercover in Paris & Russia
Stardust by kikki_max; crossover w/Stargate SG-1
Strange Bedfellows by [info]ceindreadh ; Gibbs and Fornell talk, humor
That Ship's not Docking Here by NotARedhead
The 12 Days of Tony's Xmas by NotARedhead; ah...Tony-centric  :D
The Mile High City Affair by sammie28 crossover w/The Magnificent Seven

Tony's Week at Home by NotARedhead; post-SWAK

24 April wikipedia

I've seen this in other people's LJ's and I thought it looked fun.  The deal is you go to wikipedia and search on the month and day of your birth.  What you get is a list of events, births and deaths for that day.  Choose 3 events, 2 births and 1 death that you find interesting or significant and post them to your LJ.  I, of course, can't follow directions, so I have chosen 4 events, 3 births and 3 deaths.

1184 BC - Greeks enter Troy using the Trojan Horse (traditional).
1704 - The first regular newspaper in the United States, the Boston, Massachusetts New-Letter, is published.
1915 - The Armenian Genocide starts with the deportation and murder of the Ottoman Armenian intellectuals.
2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church taking the name Pope Benedict XVI.

1905 - Robert Penn Warren, American poet
1934 - Shirley MacLaine, American actress and author
1964 - Djimon Hounsou, Beninese actor

1342 - Pope Benedict XII
1974 - Bud Abbott, American actor and comedian
1982 - Ville Ritola, Finnish athlete

Sunday, NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Morning

Entry for oxoniensis's Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses Fest, just so I don't lose track of what I actually submitted, as opposed to what's on my harddrive.  =)